vietato calpestare i prati

from by default genders

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yeah i heard about you - you're at the age when
even your friends are all now starting to lose their patience.
2006 futuristic is now just ancient
2015 and you're still out here on the same shit
what looked prodigous at one point now just seems immature
your friends won't come out to shows with you nearly as much as before.
but who can blame them, i mean who wants to suffer the risk
of being the one old guy in a room full of kids?
i mean, shit, who wouldn't find that embarrassing?
besides you, apparently
girlfriends menudo cuz they do go when they grow up
find someone new though, some new youth who don't scare you as much.
some new excuse to feel like you're still not losing your touch
even though if at all it's often recalled with disgust
outside of therapy, not once ever even discussed
like they're afraid if it got out, people would judge

[liberals] if you're so smart, then why aren't you rich?

yeah, i heard about you - back in the day when
everyone was so sure they were gonna make it
that it was not just the tools they'd used to make shit
it's a mistake early adopters [are] always making
always acting like it's a commercial
acting like life is a big commercial
companies that used to have you hitting adblock
they hit you up *one time* and you're like, "ads rock!"
and holding too many free drinks to shake hands
making too many contacts to make friends
and doing too many key bumps to keep track
of how often your chump change has changed hands
in front of cameras that those people at parties had
like an aesthetic constitutes a political act
that one day turns into some kind of residual check
a lotta people out here still probably waiting for that

[trust fund kids] if you're so smart, then why aren't you rich?


from main pop girl 2019, released February 4, 2019


all rights reserved



james brooks Los Angeles, California

nb streampunk icon

i don't actually live in LA

thanks for giving me money!

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