words with friends

from by default genders



you ripped this dress the last time you pulled it off me
but that hasn't stopped me from wearing it out
sometimes people notice and say there's a problem
like i wouldn't know unless they pointed it out

the way they all talk about pain
like it's some kind of abstract thing
like it's an outfit you can change
at any time

the way they all talk about love
like it's a burden they've shrugged off
fuck that fuck them fuck you ugh
fuck my life

you don't wanna hear me say that i'll always be there
you won't even let me come inside of your house
sometimes people call me and ask what's the problem
as if it helps anything if i spell it out

the way they all just stare at me
when i try to talk about these things
that i have a heart at all strikes them as quaint
the things they all say about you
i'm sure that all of it is true
i think that i get off of work tonight at 8

so i guess i'll call you when i'm parked outside your place


from magical pessimism 2014, released July 14, 2014



all rights reserved


james brooks Los Angeles, California

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